Belt Performance Championship Belts
Belt Performance Championship Belts


Below are some of the most asked questions regarding our services.


1) Question : "What materials do you use for your Championship Belts?"


Answer : "We use the same materials as the Belts for the major promotions seen on tv. Deep etched plates, electroplated in many ways (24K gold, nickle, chrom, etc). Our leather is hand tooled, hand dyed and nicely flexible.


2) Question : "How thick are your plates compare to other beltmaking companies?"


Answer : "The plates we use are from the same thickness as the majority of beltmaking companies. They are approx  4mm thick."


3) Question : "We would like to have a custom designed Championship Belt. What type of graphics do you need and working with?"


Answer: "The best way is to send me vectorized graphics made with Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator. Those are the graphic programs i´m working with. You can also send me rough sketches / ideas / pictures and i´ll put up those in a presentable graphic.

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