Belt Performance Championship Belts
Belt Performance Championship Belts

Price Guide

A required payment of 50% of the belt price must be done before start making the belt. The rest of that amount plus shipment price is required when the belt is ready for shipment.


The turnaround time frame of creating a championship belt is around 10-14 weeks depends on what kind of belt was ordered.


Number of Plates                  Nickel               24KT Gold             Dual-Plated

3 Plates                               1050 €                 1165 €                   1225 €

5 Plates                               1200 €                 1315 €                   1375 €

7 Plates                               1350 €                 1465 €                   1525 €


All prices above are net prices and are based on the center plate being approx 10" x 10"
and the sideplates approx 4" x 4". These are the regular sizes.

Plates can be done in any size the customer wants.

All plates are mounted on a real hand tooled black leather strap
with black nappa backing to cover the bolts.


Relief/Layer plates can be done at an additional cost. Please ask before.


Other coloured leather as black       add     35 €
Other coloured backing as black       add      50 €
Belt End Tip - Standard                     add      35 €
Belt End Tip customized                    add    100 €


Other options available. Please ask.

All belts are include a velvet carring bag.


 Nickle plated   24 K gold plated  Dual plated

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